Your first read - Welcome to Kissamos Open Community

Welcome to Kissamos Open Community. This is a place to discuss events and other topics related to Kissamos and West Crete. This space also hosts specific communities in Kissamos, such as the Beach Cleaning and the Kissamos Walks groups. We aim to be open and inclusive. All constructive contributions are welcome.

Some things we believe in: civilized discourse, informative discussion, open minds, well sourced information, thoughtful opinions.

Now go on, you can post, contribute and be a positive force too!

Some technical details:

Most people already rely on private social media for their online social life.
However, here information is organized and good for repeated access, and it really is public, that is accessible to everyone. As a bonus, it is not specifically designed to suck you into a never ending scrolling vortex.

Welcome to the open web!