Walk to Polyrrinia on Tuesday 5th March

Hello @Walkers,

the sun is back!
On Tuesday we are walking to Polyrrinia from Kastelli.
Meet in Tzanakakis (Archaeological Museum) square at 11am. Please respond if you want to come so we can arrange transportation back to Kastelli.

We are going to get there from the West side, along the valley to the semi-ghost village of Galouvas, then up the ridge and over to Polyrrinia. The walk should be easy enough, mostly uphill. It will last about 2 hours. I am expecting some wet parts and mud. The lower part of the walk is on a narrow paved road, so it should be fine, but the second part is dirt tracks.

Please reply to this if you intend to come. This is a linear walk and we need to arrange vehicles at the end. Up to 9 people we can all fit in my car, but if we have more participants we might for example drop off more cars to Polyrrinia first.

See you there,