Visit to waste site in Chania

So I called the waste site in Akrotiri, asking to book a visit for 28th September at 10am for 10-15 people.

They said they will confirm tomorrow morning. I will report back when it’s confirmed.

We should post it on at least, after confirmation:

  • Kissamos News
  • this site in ‘Beach Cleaning’ category (automatically from Kissamos News)
  • Beach cleaning Facebook page
  • email on old mailing list (only about 25% of mailing list members have joined this community forum so far)

I would write something like this:
‘What happens to all our waste? How does it get sorted and treated? The Kissamos Beach Cleaning team is organising a visit to the waste and recycling site in Akrotiri, Chania. We are going on Friday, 28th September, planning to start the visit at 10am. The visit will last x hours. [possibly other details when they confirm]. If you’re interested, they produce and sell cheap garden compost that you can pick up on the spot. We will see what happens to all the plastic and other materials that we produce in such great quantities. Considering the distance, it would be good to car share. Please let us know with a message here if you would like to come and if you have spare seats in your car. For those coming from Kissamos, we will meet in Venizelos square at 9am and travel together. For the rest, we can meet directly there. [directions here. Or we could meet at Souda exit?] See you there.’

Any volunteers to translate it into Greek?

@manu, the GREEK Translation for the visit to the D.E.D.I.S.A. is not yet on the Kissamosnews, neither on the website nor on FB.

Ok, for FB, @fiona said that she posted it from Iris’ corrected version, I haven’t even seen it because Iris hadn’t sent it back to me and I don’t see FB.

For this community site, can you copy and paste it from FB to a new post on the relevant topic?

For Kissamos News, I guess we can edit the existing post. I think most Greek readers will find it on FB anyway.