Travel massive summit

Hey Michael, off topic, but I wanted to talk to you guys about an upcoming destination management summit we are organizing for Travel Massive. Maybe when you have a few minutes???

Hi Phil, I am on my way back from Germany and will not have free minutes until beachcleaning Saturday.

Please let us know what that means, what you want. I do not understand.


Hey guys, I created a new topic for this.
@Phil_Butler, you’re welcome to talk about it here.

Thanks Manu,

Here’s the deal. In May my colleagues at Travel Massive, Urban Adventures Crete, hoteliers, marketing people, politicians, etc. will meet in two places in West Crete to discuss destination management. Kissamos is one focal point I believe, but basically we will be discussing rural Crete, the smaller destinations, and how the people of Crete can optimize all this tourism for a sustainable future. I thought of you guys immediately when Kissamos was mentioned. I am sure you will want to attend, and to share your views.

Hello Phil,yeah thanks a lot. I thimk that might be a good idea to join forces. let us know, when you have more details and where to adress the interest.We will discuss it.