Ride an electric bike to Balos

Welcome @E-bikes!

As the first fun e-bike ride, I am looking to go see the most famous place of them all: Balos.

Destination: Balos beach
Date: Thursday, 4th April
Meeting point: Venizelos square, Kissamos
Distance: 30km
Estimated time: 2h on the bike, 4h total
Ascent: 585m
Route: Viglia, Balos, Kalyviani
Off-road: 16km
Break: Balos beach
Estimated difficulty level: 2/5

The programme:

Start from Kastelli early morning.
Ride an hour to Balos top.
Walk 20 minutes down to the beach, while still fresh from the effortless ride!
Swim in Balos, have a snack.
Walk 30 minutes back up to parking lot.
Ride an hour back to Kissamos.

I think the whole adventure will take about 4 hours, of which I estimate the first and last hour on the bike. Half of the ride is on the dirt road from Kalyviani to Balos. It’s a very wide track but it’s quite rocky, it’s easy enough but if you have never been off-road on a mountain bike it’s maybe not the best place to start.

I am thinking of setting off at 8am from Kastelli to beat the morning wind, but we could possibly stretch it to a 9am start.

I have Monday 1st April as a possible first date, weather permitting. Following Wednesday is a second option.

For this first week I will probably have only one bike available, possibly two. This is the first of a series, I will post more rides as we go.

I should have 4 bikes available from the following week, also have some shorter and paved road only routes.

Would love to but have doggie walks. Maybe another one. I have done quite a lot of off roading mountain biking so no issue for me. Could make 10.00 am for another trip. Whatever suits.


After checking the forecast, I have decided to postpone the ride to Balos, waiting for a still, clear day.
We’re going to do another two rides this week:

to Manna mountain (hard)

and to Falasarna (easy)

Ok, the forecast looks too good for tomorrow to miss the opportunity so we are going to Balos, with Fiona and Roy, and we’ll do Falasarna probably next week, I will check the forecast and post more details later.

So we cycled to Balos on Thursday.
See the gps track here:

It was a great day, and an awesome ride. Quite easy too. The road is wide and only has a few steeper parts. We only needed some care with the loose rocks on this part, but in general it is a route accessible to almost all riders, beginners included.

We saw a surprising amount of tourists already there. We also met a fellow e-biker! The light was almost perfect, the colours stunning. I even went for a swim, in spite of the chilly breeze.

See some Balos photos below.