Recipe for a good beach cleaning. Any chefs?

This is my personal recipe with all the steps to cook a successful beach cleaning. Refined over the years!

  1. Ask around for where needs a good cleaning
  2. Think of a date, time and place (Sat or Sun, 11 or 16 work well)
  3. Check the forecast for rain and wind, if not good reconsider and redo step 1
  4. Find at least 2-3 people you know well to confirm, by talking to them directly, so you have a small team to start with
  5. Write a couple of lines (in English) for the event: place, day, time, directions, short description
  6. Write the same in Greek
  7. Make a poster with a good photo and the details. Greek first!
  8. Post the event on friendly sites (Kissamos News,, Clean beaches Kissamos FB page, your FB page)
  9. Send poster of the event to broader press (Biskotto, Sadentrepese, Neoi Orizontes, Haniotika Nea, Zarpanews, etc.)
  10. Tell Viki or someone else at Dimos, ask for bags
  11. Collect bags
  12. Print 10-15 posters in A3 size
  13. Put posters up around town and near beach where the event is happening. Cafes, bakeries, food shops, schools are good spots
  14. Give out bags at meeting point on the day
  15. Talk to as many people as possible, especially newcomers
  16. Take photos, try counting number of participants and bags collected, group photo
  17. Publish photos and write short article of how it went, publish it

Easy peasy!
This is not absolute law, variations are fine.

Would anyone like to take on one or a few of the steps?

Each single step is very short, but all together they need some work.
For everything we have experience and easy to follow models.

Here’s the poster from the last beach cleaning. It can be used as a template by just updating the text (and photo), or as a more general starting point.

Beach Cleaning 17032019.pdf (783.7 KB)
Beach Cleaning 17032019.odt (827.0 KB)

Here’s a link that contains all Beach Cleaning announcements on Kissamos News:

If anyone wants an account to post on Kissamos News, I can make them one, just ask. I think quite a few people use it also for beach cleaning news. The weekly newsletter goes out on a Friday to 257 people as of this week.

When posted on, the announcement gets automatically published also on this Community site, where 30 people are registered as ‘Beach Cleaners’ and get notified, and on KissamosNews Facebook page. 3 in 1!

I will make a list of local news outlets emails and post it. I think all of them can also be contacted on Facebook anyway.

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great work done from you Fiona and Manu. This templates and the list is very helpful for the future. Also to know, how many people are involved. enjoy your weekend!

I will clean by my own those days as on weekends it is not always possible for me the next time until end of April.

if possible I join!


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