Kissamos Carnival - Time for action!

So dear @beach_cleaners we are going ahead with the carnival float construction.

A quick update:

We are meeting tomorrow, Saturday 16th February, at 12:00 at Ursula and Andrea’s place in Kaloudiana, to start building the frame for the fish.

We had a meeting during the week when we discussed materials needed and sketched the fish. Between last week and today we got materials (iron bars and wire) to start with the construction tomorrow. We should have enough tools.

We also still need to put into practice ideas for the trailer side decoration and for costumes.

Everyone is welcome to join tomorrow at 12 (bring a light picnic) and following gatherings. There are no requirements, you don’t need to have special skills and you can join any time.

More news soon!

Good morning Manu,
So sorry that I cannot participate today. I had an emergency appendectomy on Monday and am still in recovery mode. I’m definitely still committed to the group and will help next time and certainly on the day of the parade.

Good luck today! :four_leaf_clover:


No problem Heidi, hope everything is fine and you can join when you’re ready.

We made good progress today with the fish, the frame is more than halfway there. We have some skilled technicians!

We are meeting again tomorrow afternoon at 3pm, same place in Kaloudiana.

We are also going to have smaller teams, one working on the fish, one working on the trailer decoration and we also need to work on the costumes.

For the trailer decoration and for the fish belly we need some good looking plastic rubbish, so probably tomorrow afternoon some of us will be going down to the beach to select some keepers among all the freshly washed-up rubbish.

For the costumes, maybe a very cultural Minoan reference, replacing fish with plastic bottles or whatever (see below)? Keeping it funny, of course!

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Sorry we did not make yesterday guys a bit too cold and damp for me. Let us know when next carnival prep session is on please and one of us will try and make it. Ta leme

Hello, very good done!

I wonder if it will be too cold, only having brown colour on the naked body. I prefer more layers…;-))) for the costume. But good ideas in common. I also will think about costumes and can collect some plastic! Let me know what kind of plastic you need, maybe with a picture.

The fish is coming alive!

No worries Sylvia, it was very cold indeed outside yesterday, but the coming week will be warmer.

We are meeting again on the 20th, Wednesday morning at 10am, Ursula’s place in Kaloudiana.

Today we finished the fish frame! It still needs to be wrapped in wire, to have some outside decoration work (fins, mouth, eyes, tail, maybe scales) and of course to be partially filled with plastic. We went down to the beach and in about one hour we picked up a ton of colourful rubbish, which needs to be rinsed and then skilfully fed to the fish in something like coloured patterns. So there is plenty more work to do for everyone who’s available.

We are also going to be working on the trailer sides and car decoration. The general idea is to use old sheets and paint sea waves on them. Maybe add some more decorations for the sea and also make a patch with beach. Again we will need hands for this.

And finally the costumes. For the parade I am counting at the moment @manu and @Fiona_Coleman, @claudia.didone, @iridanew3, @Michael, @Heidi, @Judy_Edwards and Ian, @sylvia or Oliver, plus children. If I missed anyone, please correct me! It would be good to get together and finalize the plan for the costumes, if we want to go ahead with the Minoan fisherman, maybe with some clothes, or what.

If you have clear plastic water bottles, please save them because we might use them to make scales. Also old sheets.

Next meeting for the Carnival fish is on Saturday, 10:30am at Ursula’s place in Kaloudiana.

We are planning to finish wrapping the wire around the fish and start filling it with rubbish, as well as plan and make decorations for tail, mouth, eyes, fins etc.

If the trailer frame is ready, we can also start painting waves on the sheets and add the little rubbish hanging creatures to the sides. We need painters!

Then there’s the costumes, for which we have a specific section here, where you’re welcome to express your opinion of course: Carnival costumes 2019

Yesterday we proceeded with wrapping the wire around the fish. It’s a slow, longish job, tying all the bits with little pieces of wire. We didn’t finish yet but we’re not far from the end. It’s taking shape and looking good!

We, actually Gunther on his own mostly, has been working on the frame for the trailer decoration and it’s almost there, the trailer parts will be completely hidden and it will be a proper, good looking float.

There was also work on the costumes, both for kids and adults. We’re going to look irresistibly cool!

Next meeting for carnival is on Wednesday 27th, 9:30am at Ursula’s place.

Yesterday we finished wrapping the fish with wire and we started feeding it plastic. We also tested the almost final product on the trailer. It will make an impression!

The woodwork around the trailer was also finished, and we started drawing in pencil the waves and the sea around it.

For the costumes, some of the head decorations were made, and also many scales for children costumes were prepared.

For the next meeting we want to:

  • collect some more rubbish to feed the fish. The fish is big and very, very hungry!
  • add some decorations to the fish, eyes and fins
  • paint the waves around the trailer
  • collect participant sizes to buy costume tops, and proceed with hats, scales and fish-bottle bunches

So we still need coloured plastic bottles for the Minoan fishermen and fisherwomen, and general beach rubbish for the fish.
On Wednesday morning some of us will probably go down to the beach and collect some rubbish.
We also still need to do the car decoration with painted sheets.

Anyone available is welcome to join on Wednesday morning or the following last few meetings. The following meeting will probably be on Saturday.

I’m working at this hour. But I would love to decorate the big fish and I’ll have soon enough the sizes for my 9 students who want to participate. Also two Greek grown ups want to participate. They will find their own costume. It will be something like whale, dolphin or φώκια. They are known here in kissamos, so it might be good if they join.

Στις Κυρ, 24 Φεβ 2019, 12:21 ο χρήστης Manuel via Kissamos Open Community έγραψε:

Yes @iridanew3, let’s decorate the fish together! We already have quite a few opinions for the eyes, it will be good to have one more and do it! We can do it on the weekend when more people will be there and you can come too. We had said to meet in the afternoon on Wednesday, but some people couldn’t so we changed it to the morning.

For the costumes, as I understand the previous discussions revolved around having a consistent theme for the participants, which makes sense to me. @claudia.didone, @fiona and some others have been doing some work on that already. Also, we did different sea animals last year, that’s why we thought to not do exactly the same thing again this year.

Maybe we can meet with the people who are going to be in the parade and are around all together this weekend? Do you want to call these people to come and meet the team? I would just reserve Sunday morning for the tree planting, otherwise Fiona and I are free to whenever it’s good.

I don’t think we can meet with them before. I think it’s best to bring people in who are party makers, if they want to come and not telling them not to come because they will not have exactly the same costume. Better to have more than less people. They would like to buy a costume and I told them it’s ok. If they haven’t bought the costume yet I can tell them not to participate. Although I find that we shouldn’t be so strikt. It’s carnival. When people are asking if they can come, I tell them yes. I also was trying to call you when they asked, but you didn’t pick up the phone. It would make me uncomfortable changing what I’ve told them. As a team we should be open.

Στις Κυρ, 24 Φεβ 2019, 15:55 ο χρήστης Manuel via Kissamos Open Community έγραψε:

I agree. I feel we should all look the same. That way people can identify our group easily. Let’s hope other people who want to

join will get same colour outfits etc. we need to be consistent I think. Ta leme

So, as I understand I have to tell them not to come. Ok. I’ll tell them now. It’s a pity, because I thought we wanted more people. There are two greek people from kissamos who are not in our team and who were happy to participate and we are telling them they are not allowed to because of a costume. I don’t like this i have to say, but we have democracy. Since most of you have this opinion I’ll do what I have to. Hope you make good job at Thursday. Im not sure I’ll find time to help with the big fish, so you do whatever you want. If I can help after, I’ll help. Goodnight

No one is saying that people can’t join us. I think the two valid points made were

  1. that we are trying to stick to a theme to unite us as a group (which all the other float groups do too) and
  2. that we did sea creatures last year, so we wanted to do something new.
    I think we’d all be happy to have more people with us and I’m sure we can find a costume option that works for everyone.

Such like that I imagine how it will look like.


Στις Κυριακή, 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2019, 8:29:32 μ.μ. EET, ο χρήστης fiona via Kissamos Open Community έγραψε:

Beach Cleaner

    February 24

No one is saying that people can’t join us. I think the two valid points made were

  1. that we are trying to stick to a theme to unite us as a group (which all the other float groups do too) and
  2. that we did sea creatures last year, so we wanted to do something new.

I think we’d all be happy to have more people with us and I’m sure we can find a costume option that works for everyone.

(Attachment Karnevalswagen1.pdf is missing)

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Dear Iris

I think it’s great that you are bringing so many people to the float !!! (I tryed as well with NO result :frowning: )

But still I don’t think it’s fair to say we are not an openminded group if we ask to the participants to watch at our costume code… as this is the result of our efforts during meetings and discussions…

We are spending a lot of our time to create something impressive that hopefully will catch the interest of at least some of the people watching us. And we came out with these ideas: big fish full of trash and a choice of two costumes: kind of fishermans or small fishes.

Maybe do your friends prefer to be fishes?

As Fiona said, we can for sure find an idea that can meet both, them and us and still show us as a group. Don’t you think?


I talked to them again and I think they might change opinion and wear the fish costumes you created. Let’s hope so, so that everybody is satisfied.

Next meeting is on Saturday morning 2nd March, 10:30am at Ursula’s place in Kaloudiana.

Isn’t diversity wonderful? We have quite a big group now and quite a few people joining this carnival. As group size grows, so does the challenge of organising and keeping open to various, diverse opinions. And in the end, we parade as a team!

This morning we met and did some good progress on many fronts.

Some of us went to the beach to collect another two truckfuls of rubbish. Hopefully they will be enough for the fish. The beaches are a disaster. I don’t say this lightly, it is a real, environmental disaster.

Some stayed and worked on the costumes, the ‘fish’ bunches that we are planning to have hanging as we parade.

We also now have a wood frame for the car, plus a plan for how to use the sheets around it.

And we painted some of the waves on the trailer sides.

We didn’t work on the fish today, but we are planning to do it on Saturday.
For Saturday, the idea is to:

  • sort and clean up the new rubbish and use it to finish filling the fish. This will be a long, laborious job where many hands can help.
  • decorate and finish the fish (eyes, tail, fins)
  • retouch and do details (foam, spray) on the trailer waves, plus decorations
  • paint waves on the sheets for the car, plus maybe signs
  • work on costumes (sew hats + decorations, more fish bunches, scales on kids t-shirts)

As you can see, the list of stuff seems to be growing every time, so you’d better come help!

Here’s a photo of Ursula’s drawing for the final float concept:

And one with this morning’s collection:

We have also invited Spiros and the volunteer team from Dedisa in Chania to join us in the parade.
We will get confirmation later, but I think we might have even more participants!

Lots of hard working people & team work today!! Thank you everyone!! It’s all starting to come together now! But there’s still lots to finish before next Sunday.

Next meeting Wednesday 9:30am

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