How to share photos, videos and other files

The best way to post a lot of pictures is… on a separate site.

This community forum is really made for conversation. You can upload photos, and I recommend posting some every time you can, but I recommend posting 2-3 pictures per post max. I also recommend limiting the amount of photos per topic to a few.

If you have lots of pictures to post related to this community, Kissamos News or beach cleaning, better use this site:

Which I set up for the purpose. I know this goes a bit against what many people are used to, but we’re not trying to own your entire online life here, and separate, different activities (News and Events, Discussions, Photo and File Storage) work better in separate, dedicated places, each with their own purpose. If they’re all linked together, it will make sense.

You can log in with your Google account or create your own account.:astonished:

If you just want to upload some photos from the beach cleaning for example, without creating an account, you can do so with this upload link:

The benefit of creating an account is that you can then install the Nextcloud app on your phone, and uploading pictures from your phone becomes as easy as it is for Whatsapp, FB, etc. You can then just share photos from your camera/gallery app.

You can also upload videos to this Nextcloud site, and other files that you want to share. When you upload them, they might be shared with other Kissamos News readers, community members and beach cleaners.

For long videos, say longer than a minute, I recommend uploading them to a video service and posting just the link. If needed, we can create a channel for videos to share among community members.

hello Manu,
when I open the new Folder for the pics it says I am deactivated and need to wait for the admin?

Right, I realized that the admin needs to approve accounts on Nextcloud, so new accounts are not immediately active. I have activated yours, @Michael, when I saw it last night.

In general, if you set up an account on, send me a quick message here for example, so I can activate it.