How to get email notifications from ('Watch') a category

On this forum site, it is very, very simple to get email notifications for all new posts in a certain category:

  1. From the home page, click on the category you would like to get email notifications from
  2. On the top right of the page, click on the little circle next to ‘New Topic’
  3. Select ‘Watching’

This way, it will work as a mailing list for that specific category, and you will get an email every time someone posts a new message. If you’re active on the site at the same time, it is smart enough to understand not to also email you.

So if you’re interested in all discussions about say the ‘Planning’ category, you can go ahead and choose to ‘Watch’ it.

Note that:

  • you can revert this at any time, and select ‘Normal’ or another option
  • if you’re interested in just a specific topic and not the whole category, you can do the same for individual topics
  • if you’re a member of the ‘Beach Cleaner’ group, you will be watching the ‘Beach Cleaning’ category by default