Beach info signs 2019


we have long been trying to give out information as part of our “Kissamos Clean Beaches” programme. A couple of years ago we hand painted some wooden information signs for the different beaches, and last year we talked about making more, and more ‘professional’ looking, metal signs to add to the beaches with some relevant guidelines. Things like ‘use the bins’, ‘don’t drive on the beach’, ‘there are sea turtles nesting here’.

So as a project to do after the carnival but before the summer season, we could go ahead with this. I am going to get some material this week before the carnival (some of you will understand why), then actually make the signs later.

I am starting this topic now so we can add information here as we go.

There’s a place in Kissamos that can print this kind of stuff, the cost is about 40€/m2. Our idea is to make 4-6 signs, 80 x 120 cm in size, big to be visible. So the budget for 6 signs should be about 250€. We have also thought about making rounded, cylindrical signs or triangular shaped ones, though we haven’t studied their feasibility and potential cost in depth!
The good news is that we should only be paying for the printed material.

Comments, ideas, suggestions always welcome.

A quick update on the signs.

We got the material for 6 signs and the frames and panels are already under construction. They’re looking good.
We will need to design what actually goes on the signs. Collect some money for the printing. Good topic to discuss at one of the next meetings. Include local authorities in the discussion, or at least get their approval.

The 6 sign frames are ready. Antonio is also working on making the bases. Now to design the information.

The summer season is coming up soon, and it would be good to place these big info signs on the beach soon.

Would anybody like to help design the content to be printed? And help find some money to pay for the printing? The printing will cost about 250€ in total.

We could get together in person with some ideas, or we could also post some sketches here and go from there.