Beach cleaning this Sunday, 31st March, before they burn down everything?

Has anyone seen the beach and have a suggestion for where to go beach cleaning this Sunday?

Since we’re doing such a good job and we are attracting so much attention, it’s doubly worth insisting!

Nopigia, Mythimna, Korfalonas, Livadia, Kalyviani, anywhere else?


Korfalonas still needs to be finished. Specifically from messogios toward Leandro.


Meet at Mesogeio at 11am on Sunday then? Can we cross the river?

Here’s a picture from yesterday’s fire on Livadia beach, near @claudia.didone and @mdidone’s old house. Really black smoke and long fire, the wind was blowing strong towards the East. We did call the fire brigade and the Dimos.

Can you see the beach?
Me neither!

I would suggest Nopigia, Kissamos very often is forgetting this
small part of the city.

Otherwise Korfalonas…

Where in Nopigia would you suggest @piccolina, any specific part?

We could do Korfalonas again for “Let’s do it” on April 7th. Apparently other teams have already claimed Mavros Molos and Stadium beach in Kissamos.

no specific part - we could start around the Ble Restaurant/Bar,
from there going to the right and left - everywhere a lot of wood
and plastic.

I am back and ready to join in the party. Where is the next spot?

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I would say let’s do Nopigia this Sunday. We did see a lot of rubbish on some parts earlier this week. We can do Korfalonas again next time.

I’ll make the announcement later this evening.