Beach cleaning talk in Tavronitis this week?

Hello @Michael, @Lydia_Isola, @fiona,

if you have time we could meet in Tavronitis tomorrow (Tuesday) or Thursday between 16:15 and 17:15 for a chat about beach cleaning, non-carnival themes! It looks like it’s growing and maybe it’s worth discussing some ideas that emerged besides the carnival.

On Tuesday usually Fiona goes to Tavronitis, I would come too only if you guys are there. Let me know if you can and if you have a preference for days.

@manu, @Michael, @Fiona_Coleman
I am free tomorrow afternoon at this time,16.15, also on Thursday.

Hello friends,

I also can come tomorrow Tuesday at 16.30 !


where can we meet…?

I would let the local from Tavronitis decide, @Lydia_Isola?

@manu @Michael
I think it’s best to meet here at my place. Manu you surely remember how to get here.
Michael , in case you don’t remember, you could meet Manu at the sports hall and come to my place together.

Hello I try to remember, if not I will call you. so let us meet at your place Lydia at 4.30 p.m


Good, see you tomorrow.