Beach cleaning suggestions for next weekend? (24th March)

Spiros has postponed the Afrata beach cleaning that was scheduled for next weekend, as the weather forecast is not good to get a boat there, which we need to do to remove the rubbish.

So, does anyone have any suggestions of other locations which are in need of some cleaning attention?

@Helen_Wilde was saying that Korfalonas is in a bad state?

Manu & I will not be here next weekend, but if anyone else would like to take on the organisation of a beach cleaning on the 23rd/24th March please do - we can support with getting the word out.

Hi ladies and gentlemen of clean beaches,
I am due to marathonpreparation and dog rescue issues also not able to organise something next weekend. So hopefully there might be someone who can jump into!

Hello everyone !

I think it would be good to go on cleaning. We could go back to Mithimna and « finish » the work of last Sunday. Apparently they burned the bamboo and now it’s full of rubbish that was underneath.

So what about Sunday 11 am?

Anyone interested ?