Beach Cleaning in Nopigia, 11th May

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Beach cleaning in Nopigia beach. Saturday morning 11am, 11th May. Meeting point: Nopigia seafront. Map coordinates: 35.504896, 23.712381 All together we can make a difference. Everyone welcome!

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Dear environtalists, I’d like to join 11thMay 11h. It is 4 km from the place of my last day in Kissamos village (Kissamos Hotel). At the end of the day I travel by bus to Chania. Can someone pick me up by car in Kisssmos, from any place, to the cleaning beach Nopigia? I’ ve got a big rucksack with me and want to save my energy for catching kilo’s clogged or constipated plastics. KEES STOFFELS

Hello Kees, were exactly are you staying in Kissamos? Name of the place, or GPS coordinates?

Thank you, puzzling many contacts failed. It is Kissamos Hotel, Kissamos

coul ld not copy address, so in separate mail

Dear Lydia, being picked up holds now, now I detect it will be Sa not Sunday, only for company. If necessary, I can walk from here to the Nopigia beach, because of no luggage combined with late collecting time, 11 a. m.


Kees Stoffels

Unnamed Road

Unnamed Road, Kissamos 734 00 from my Huawei phone