About the Planning category

In this category we can discuss plans for future actions, general directions and specific tasks for the community and for the beach cleaning group, for example:

  • Where should we have the next beach cleaning?
  • What other activities/events do we want to organise next?
  • What are the best ways to discuss things and inform ourselves and others?
  • Should we set up a small waste/plastic educational program and take it to the local schools?
  • How to have all announcements written also in Greek
  • Assign roles for better coordination
  • Should we set up a formal organisation?
  • How should we handle money and funds?
  • What do we want to do with the beach bins and signs?
  • What about the situation of the illegal dumps in the area?
  • Where should we keep all the photos and video clips?
  • How should we measure how much rubbish we’re collecting?
    Etc. etc. You get the idea. Each point above can be a separate topic.

Everyone is welcome, as always, to participate in the discussion, which will stay open and public.

Notifications from this category will usually not go out by default though.
The assumption is that planning needs a slightly higher level of commitment, and those interested can choose to watch this category, join the discussion, offer help.

As soon as the rough plans mature into planned activities, they can go out to the relevant categories and other public channels (Kissamos News, Facebook, etc.).